About Us

Coming from a business family, I have grown up seeing my father managing our business and taking it up to another level. Me being a rebel kid never wanted to join my business but to make my own identity.
After my masters in marketing, I worked as a Banker. But destiny has planned something else for me. Sometimes things come together and dots just connect to make you take crazy leaps. I’m driven by creating environments to help people in their own journeys, whether as a person or as a founder. I believed India is filled with design talent that has not scaled and I wanted to create a culture that nurtures creativity.
That’s how AJ Dezines was born. I have done a lot of trials and error to take it where it is today. I believe it’s a never-ending process of learning. And I will always give it my best shot to take it to another level like my father.
The Vision
At AJ Dezines, we’re creating a curated wardrobe to cover all occasion needs of your little one. We’re a brand that believes in culture as much as commerce, and that journeys are usually as worthy as destinations.
Inspired by the great heritage of Indian culture, our philosophy is Simple: we make products that are designed to last, fit in your budget, inspired by natural design and materials, and influenced by the culture we grew up in.
Fabric Matters As Do Fit
Being a kids wear brand demands a great effort and expertise. We make sure that the fabric we select are skin friendly and environment conscious. Which drive us towards natural fabrics and avoid synthetic trash.
We all know, how fast our kids grow and we truly cherish that process but at the same time its challenging for us to make clothes which are true to their sizes. And this is something we are really proud of, that we have achieved this milestone.
Our team of expert craftsmen and workers assures, that every single garment fits your kids well.
Detailing Matters
Little bits of whimsy to make our customers smile and to elevate the everyday. Look under collars and cuffs, at the thread in buttons… it’s the little things that make the ordinary extraordinary.
The Journey
Started in 2016, AJ Dezines took birth in a small room with a one-man army (our founder), and now we have come across this far in this voyage.
The journey in the last 6 years has been challenging, remarkable and joyful. We took each feedback gracefully and worked upon them effectively. While the good once fuelled us with happiness and energy, strong once helped us to evolve.
We have seen a tremendous growth in terms of infrastructure, team size and customer bank. The brand has been loved both domestically and globally. Which drove us to stretch our hands in global market, and touch wood (being cliché) we have been loved and accepted bountifully.